How to port a ROM

Take a base ROM from another phone. First thing, delete the boot.img. That boot.img contains the kernel, which will not do good to your phone. Next, add the boot.img from your phone to this rom (use commom sense, if you are porting a vanilla rom, use an AOSP kernel, if porting sense, use HTC kernels, if you are porting other UI’s like blur, use an AOSP kernel.) Next, go into the /system folder. In here, we want to first delete the usr folder. The usr folder has hard button and keypad drivers. Replace the usr folder with the one from your phone. Next, go into the etc folder. delete the vold.fstab andapns-conf.xml and replace with the one from your phone. Next, we want to go into the lib folder. Here, we will want to replace the lights.(device name here) (and the if it is an AOSP port) and replace with files from your phone.

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1 Response to How to port a ROM

  1. Dylan says:

    I will have to try this, what do I do after all the files are switched over?

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