[ROM][ESPRESSO] jdfroyo Expansion b4

Credits: jpool, cyanogen, wesgarner, go9apk, myn, calkulin, aakim, migueltherocker, jdkoreclipse, Google, HTC, The community

Well, well, well, here we are! This is the first espresso rom made by BlackhawkMOD.  It is based off of the leaked froyo for the HTC Gratia. It is themed to look like an espresso-ish type Sense launcher (thanks jpool from GSM hero forum) and is ODEXED for optimal performance and stability, and included is a script to zipalign on boot. No “bloat” apps have been removed, but that is to come upon request. We are also currently working on porting the mytouch HD theme to this rom, along as adding Desire Z window transitions. Zips will be released to add extra mods anf functionality.

Screenshots: coming soon

To DO:


Theme further

Optimize further

Fine tune


None at the moment, please report any


t1/b1/b2/b3 unreleased betas

b4 Initial release

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?j4gech7f77lc3wn

Other Release notes:

Themes will not work on this rom, as it is odexed. If you know a good theme that you want ported, please request it, with a link to the original theme, and we will port it and package it up.

Please support us by visiting https://blackhawkmod.wordpress.com and download our unreleased betas, tests, and other mods, as well as keeping up with news on rom updates and tutorials

Please enjoy using this rom as much as we have enjoyed devving this!

-BlackhawkMOD Dev Team

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