[ROMS][DINC] Light Speed Betas

credits: aaikaim, myn, wysie, enomther, cyanogen, koush, jrummy, heyitslou, incdoes, the maker of mattedblues, google, android, calkulin, adrynalyne, brucekey, jschisurf, snq, htc, Anderwebbs, kingklick, elliotstocker. Thanks guys for your contribution 🙂

Light Speed is not just a rom, it is two roms built for a variety of users. There is a Sense Version and an AOSP version compiled by yours truly. The aim of this project is to bring the speediest roms forward and to make our roms stand out from all the other roms out there.


The first rom we made was a sense rom based off of the 3.30 OTA from the Evo. It features Kingxkernel #6, a modded ramdisk fir speed, 6 signal bars, 4-in-1 reboot mod, and JsChiSurf’s status bar mod port from cm. The part of the rom we take pride in the most, however is the theme, which we dubbed “Modded Blues.” IT is basically Matted bules ported from the Evo, but with many enhancements from the framework and apps of the Mytouch 4g, so that means more blue highlights, a sexy HTC IME themed to look like swype (Called Sexy Keyboard) and much more. This rom is sure to please for the Sense user!

THe first thing i can say about this was that it was a thorn in my side for a month, but the end result is (IMO) excellent! It is standard AOSP (we do plan on themeing it) using the cyanogenmod kernel “shade@toxygene #1”. It uses ADW Launcher v1.20. Instead of modding the settings menu like most other Devs do, we took another approach to it. We decided to add gscript (lite of course, no warez allowed in our roms!) and made up some scripts for it. WE took some from HeyItsLou’s “REdemptive ” FOlder like the “Cpu Info” Script, but we did make the majority of the others. Just place the folder inside the gscript.zip on your SD and select The “load Script” Option to load one of the many zips. The only bugs found in the build is that camcorder fc’s. WE are looking into fixing this as we speak.

SCreenshots (Sense):

Screenshots (AOSP):


Sense: http://www.mediafire.com/?s8sjvcwbjxbgvn4
Gscript: http://www.mediafire.com/?bg9za52r3x66k2a

Have Fun WIth These!

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