Please leave any requests for roms mods or themes in the comments…we support any phone you want


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  1. Andy says:

    Any chance of CM6 being ported to a Sprint Sanyo Zio or Optimus S?

  2. jdkoreclipse says:

    I will talk to Cyanogen about it. It may take a bit, just because there is no vendor setup for the Optimus or The Sanyo Zio (never heard of that one).

  3. whoareyouxda says:

    Jd, the Sanyo Zio is a low end android phone for sprint and criket (or is it krikit)

  4. Taha says:

    Cyanogen MOD for Huawei U8100-9?

  5. jdkoreclipse says:

    To those who want CM6, it will be worked on…i will try, i just need a system dump or a current rom

  6. adam says:

    galaxy s rom to mytouch slide plz 🙂 if its possible of course

  7. marxo says:

    I’ve mentioned on XDA that it would be very nice, and seems fairly possible, so I’m asking here too.

    Porting Android on MT6236 based phones!

    More info:

  8. Pedro says:

    CM6 for Huawei U8120?

  9. jdkoreclipse says:

    I have so many responses to requests!!!! Sadly, all development on my end will stop for a solid 2 weeks while my computer gets fixed…but i can say what roms are possible : everything CM6 related- yes, android to MT6236, possible but probably not happening, and Galas2slide, completely impossible, unless there are MDPI Gala S phones.

    Good Day,


  10. steve says:

    Possible to get CM6 for the Herotab M10?

  11. ironick7 says:

    ive been tryin to find a pink rom (like froyo kangerade pink-life) that will also overclock for my wife’s HTC Droid Eris.
    Thanks or your time..

  12. sy says:

    I second the request for CM6 for Huawei U1800

    Thanks 🙂

  13. jdkoreclipse says:

    @ironick i can do that….i could whip up a nice port ot an aosp rom from the hero, theme it pink, add a kernel into it and all is good. Ill try to have it ready on thanksgiving or the saturday after.

    As for all Huawei users, its tough for me to just hand you froyo without system dumps…if you give me one of those, you get your rom…
    same for optimous and sanyo users.

  14. Madhur Anand says:

    Please make a ROM for Samsung Galaxy GT – I5801. Plz

  15. jdkoreclipse says:

    New rule: i will not honor any requests unless: specifications are precise and a system dump is required if it is porting froyo to a froyo-less phone (a phone without cyanogenmod or any other non froyo phone) ….so far i only have 1 request thag meets the criteria

  16. marxo says:

    Regarding that MT6236 request. If you get some spare time, could you have a look at this, because it seems like something that could work on MT6236 too, easy porting (although I know it would have limited functionality).

    The Android only ROM:


  17. ted says:

    jdkoreclipse, i know you were at one time working on a ninja blur (droid x or 2) rom for the incredible. are you still working on that or is it not going to work? i was really hoping for one. thanks

  18. humungus says:

    CM6 for Droid X? Pretty please…

    • humungus says:

      I’m unsure how precise you’d like me to be. Whatever the newest or most stable version of CM is, it would be absolutely awesome if it could be ported to the Droid X. The X already has froyo, so that should meet your second condition. Although, there might be a third condition related to locked bootloaders coming rather soon…

  19. lomarxda says:

    Possible for a CM6 port to an LG ally? If so ill donate for ya time

  20. jdkoreclipse says:

    @ted, i have it “working” but it isnt “functional”, so i dont find it neseccary to release it, unless you want it.

    @humungus I know a good friend of mine, mattG from the Droid2 forums has an AOSP rom for the 2 and the X is on the way for that as well…so that may mean that there will be many bugs throughout, but that is one i will DEFINATELY look into.

    @lomarxda system dump please 🙂

  21. JoenathanOne says:

    Would love it if you could port ANY version of Froyo to the Huawei Ascend, here is a link to the Stock ROM

    If that’s to enough and you need a dump, just let me know how to do it and i’ll provide it, just let me know any thing you need, I really want this….

  22. jdkoreclipse says:

    @JoenathanOne ill look at it

  23. JoenathanOne says:

    @jdkoreclipse you are my hero 🙂

  24. whoareyou says:

    Hi, I’m Whoareyou, im part of jdkoreclipse’s development team, I will kinda butt in here from time to time and answer certain questions the jdkoreclipse can’t answer, so.

    As for Galas2Slide, it will only be possible if we get e rom or dump from the Samsung Continuum, Which I belive is an MDPI Galaxy S Phone 🙂

  25. jdkoreclipse says:

    Roms im working on:
    Droid x cm6
    Froyo to ascend

    • jusplainmike says:

      Is there any way you could email me, I just had interest in your port for the Ascend. Wondered if you could answer a few questions about the recovery image your using to test.

  26. Bryan says:

    The Froyo to ascend your working on sounds like a great plan all of us ascend users are patiently waiting. thx man

  27. Zibrah3ed says:

    When the CM rom is ported to the DX are there any thoughts of porting to the D2?

  28. SuckMyDroid says:

    Froyo to the Huawei Ascend is something all of us Ascend users are waiting for. Would be a literally -EPIC- Christmas present. If there’s anything we can do to help speed up the process, me and Bryan up there would love to assist. Either way, Awesome news, definitely going to be a blog topic worth touching on.

  29. Shaun says:

    Any chance of any ports to Vodafone 845 – CM or Froyo?

  30. whoareyouxda says:

    As jdkoreclipse said, we need a stock ROM for your device to be able to port to your device, so any new req’s, please post the link to the stock ROM in the Request! Thx! 🙂

  31. Joffie87 says:

    Hi there, would love to see that ascend port. Our little phone needs a make over to make it fantastic. Flashed my ereader with 2.1 3 months ago as my entry into android and i’ve been playing with that so let me know if I can help with the ascend project.

  32. Stuart says:

    Would really love to see more of the droid x port. Maybe even a ton to flash to my phone? 😉

  33. linuxgeek99 says:

    I am also interested in helping/donating/testing a port of Froyo to Huawei Ascend. The Stock rom mentioned works as I have used to test restoring to stock to make sure it could be done. Any new word on the progress?

    • antimidas says:

      I’d love to test froyo on ascend too!!! samsung moment finally met its end, so i bought the m860… good lil phone… but need a way to flash it……

  34. c8600 says:

    Could anyone give me Huawei C8600 Stock Rom from, I find it.

  35. Pahtoz says:

    Hey guys, I would like to request the huawei M860 be ported to froyo or have a cymod made and to back it up here is the link to the stuffs.

  36. Dylan says:

    I can’t wait for the Ascend port, you are freaking awesome!

  37. antimidas says:

    i would love to see a huawei m860 rom… or try to figure out how to cook this stock rom

  38. Taha says:

    Cyanogen MOD or froyo for Huawei U8100-9? it’s a UPDATE.APP in the dload folder. Do you have the tools to edit/extract it? If not I can upload a nandroid of the stock ROM.

  39. Vadim says:

    i also cant wait for the Ascend port… please make it =)

  40. james says:

    Any new news on the huawai ascend this 2.1 crap is killing me lol

  41. huaweiFan says:

    So what’s the update on the froyo to ascend rom. I wish i could help but I’m new to android.. I’m anxious to know what’s going on 🙂

  42. Isaac says:

    Another request for the Huawei Ascend. It’s a great little phone, but needs some lovin’ attention…

    There’s a beer with your name on it should you decide to do a ROM.

  43. m860 says:

    any word on da huawei m860 rom

  44. frostincrdible says:

    Is there any chance you could port the Droid X ROM to the Droid Incredible?

  45. ironick7 says:

    Is this site still active? Any progress on the Eris rom from a few months back?

  46. jdkoreclipse says:

    @ironick This site is dead (but i still get notification of the comments). Go to , which is the new site.

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